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sandpoint bernedoodle
shingle mill sandpoint, ID 83864 US
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New Litter is here! Ten healthy puppies born 1-31-2016. See our New Litter page for Pictures! 

What is the difference in the colors?

There are 3 colors of Bernedoodles; tri-color, bi-color and solid. Solids are usually the result of one or both parents being solid in color. Bi-color is the result of one or both parents being parti (multi-colored). Tri-color is rare. Many breeders breed a bernedoodle with a bernese mountain dog to achieve this color. The result is a F1B puppy. There is a greater chance of a tri-colored litter, however, there is also greater health risk.

Why Sandpoint Bernedoodle?

We have been breeding dogs for nearly 20 years. There are many things we have learned over the years to make sure we are raising healthy happy puppies. One thing is to be involved. Not just feeding and playing but with the delivery and doctoring. We don't have runts. We make sure all the puppies are healthy all the time. Our main concern is to produce healthy friendly puppies.

Our stud is parti labradoodle. This gives us beautiful multi-color puppies. Also the intelligence of a poodle with the loving personality of a Labrador.

What is a Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain dog and a line of Poodle. Why Labradoodle? The Poodle has intelligence but also lacks friendliness and companionship. Adding the American Labradoodle ensures a loving - intelligent dog every time.

Making personal family members.