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What is a Bernedoodle?

It is a cross betwee a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Our breed is slightly improved in that we have bred a pure Berneese Mountain Dog with a Labradoodle (Standard Poodle and American Labrador Retriever). This improves the personality of the dog by adding the Lab's athletic ability and friendly, family oriented temperament.


Bernese Mountain Dogs have been a long time terrific companion. The only downsides are their constant shedding and short life span (8 years). Adding the genetics of the Poodle limits the shedding to almost non-existent and doubles their life span. The benefits of adding the Labrador should be obvious as to its long time American favorite personality and athleticism- and some silky soft fur.

Are they new?

Somewhat. They were originally bred many years ago and only recently have been popular. You might be the first person in your neighborhood to own one but as you will see they are increasingly being sought.

How do I get one?

Please fill out our new registration form and submit the appropriate deposit to guarantee your new puppy. We have been breeding for 15 years and are not new to producing healthy beautiful puppies. We are located in the exquisite town of Sandpoint, Idaho. If you are ever in town, feel free to visit our ranch. Over the years we have exclusively designed specific techniques in the process of breeding puppies to guarantee the best quality. By not using dangerous chemicals but essential oils in cleaning the whelping box we have not damaged their sensitive noses. Plenty of exercise on our 10 acre ranch ensures a healthy metabolism. Regular socializing with other puppies, dogs, children and adults helps the transition from our family to yours. The puppies can be picked up or can be delivered nationwide.