Sandpoint   Bernedoodle

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Sandpoint Bernedoodle


We have been raising beautiful healthy dogs for close to 20 years. We are doing this on our 10 acre ranch in North Idaho. Our puppies are unique because of the attention and care they are given since day one. We are hands-on 24/7 with our puppies to care for their upbringing. We assist in every delivery. Each puppy's health is monitored and weight taken often to ensure there are no runts. No harmful chemicals are ever used around the puppies. We use all natural cleaners to protect their sensitive noses. 


A little bit about the Bernedoodle. Most likely you are familiar with the ever-loving Bernese Mountain Dog. One downside to the breed is their life span tends to be only about 8 years. What if you could take that wonderful personality, double its life span, and reduce the mountains of shedding hair? When you pair the positive aspects of the Bernese with the genetic benefits of the Poodle, you get the wonderful Bernedoodle! These dogs are not only extremely healthy, they are also incredibly intelligent. With its abilities you could train it to do just about anything. I did. Our stud is my service dog to assist me with my MS.


No doubt you have questions. Feel free to visit our FAQ page or just call Tanya our leading expert in dog breeding. If you have any specific needs, let her know. We have the capability of spending extra time with your puppy to train it to meet your needs.


Call today to be added to our waiting list. Our next litter is early Spring 2017.